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Welcome to Hair by William Charles a professional hair salon in Highett, Victoria working in exclusive partnership with Scruples.
Here at William Charles we pride ourselves not only in our creative abilities but also in the service we provide to you…. 
From the moment you walk into the salon you will feel welcomed and at ease, we’re all about positive vibes and a friendly atmosphere. 

Free consultations - just ask!

Enjoy $20 OFF your first visit

Get your 5th blow dry for free!

Chill out, chat or multitask - you choose!

Feel free to bring your work/laptop with you and hook up to the free Wi-Fi. We know that time can be tight and we also know that sometimes fabulous hair can take up some of that time! We won’t be offended if you need to multitask…. We do that regularly too!

If however you’re keen to unwind and look forward to the downtime that a trip to the salon gives you, feel free to bring in headphones or a book and zone out. We have plenty of magazines and music for you to check out too.

Alternatively; and this is one of our favourite past times… If you want to have a good old natter whilst being helped to look amazing we are absolutely at your service!

We want to help you in every way possible and we want you leaving the salon feeling comfortable, confident and happy….maybe even inspired and excited for a new you!